Apostille serves as a guarantee of authenticity of any public document, certifies authenticity of the signature and the title of the person signing the document, as well as identity of the seal or stamp which the document is affixed to.

If a country is not among the member countries participating in the Hague Convention, consular legalization is required. Countries requiring consular legalization of documents are Brazil, Denmark, Canada, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Syria and others.

Apostille is affixed to documents by the following organizations:

  • The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: to documents issued by educational institutions and other organizations related to the field of education and science (diplomas with supplements, general secondary certificates with supplements, archive certificates);
  • The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: to documents issued by civil registry office and courts, as well as to the ones certified by notary (powers of attorney, statements, statutory documents, etc.);
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: to documents issued by archival institutions of Ukraine, bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (police clearance certificates, etc.).


Apostille is affixed within 4-7 business days in a standard mode and within 1-2 business days in an urgent mode.

All order requests for Apostille affixation in urgent mode are considered individually.