Our work principles are as follows:

  • Professional competence
  • Quality - each of our translations is done in compliance with the highest quality standards.
  • Placing an order and convenient payment options - you can place an order in any way convenient to you: by phone, via e-mail or in person at our office in the center of Kiev.
  • Loyal price policy - the price policy of Piligrim Translation Agency is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality services at the best price.
  • Large work orders - no document is too large for our bureau. Regardless of the work volume, we are happy to help.
  • Information confidentiality is a fundamental operational principle of our translation agency. We guarantee the confidentiality and safety of all documents translated by us.
  • Design and execution - documents that you provided (in soft or hard copy), including charts, photos and images, may be presented in ready-made translations, keeping its original format in full.
  • Efficiency - we value the trust our customers place in us as well as their time, our qualified translators always work at optimal speed to ensure timely delivery of our work.